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FAQ about our farm and horses.


We will try to keep this updated with all of the most useful information, but of course please feel free to contact us with any questions and comments you might have!

What type of discounts do you offer?


We have quite a few! Multiple horse discounts, Military, Police, Firefighter, EMT, 4-H, Pony Club and perhaps a few more that I might have forgotten. Think you should qualify? You can always ask!

What is a Pintabian?


A pintabian is a horse over 99% arabian in blood with tobiano markings. To achieve this you breed a purebred arabian to a tobiano. Hopefully you get spots, this foal is 50% arabian. Well now you wait for your foal to grow up, and you breed it to a purebred arabian. Again, do the dance, say a prayer, because you need spots! Oh good, you got them and you have a foal of 75% arabian blood. And so it goes for 7 generations. On US half-Arabian papers you will see a number followed by a capital "A" and then the horses registration number. Example: 2A 375654. The number before the A tells you the percentage of arabian blood. 


1A= 1/2 or 50%

2A= 3/4 or 75%

3A= 7/8 or 

4A= 15/16 or

5A= 31/32 or

6A= 62/64 or Pintabian Producer!

7A= 127/128 or 99.2 PINTABIAN! (Assuming you kept hold of the Tobiano the whole way!)


The Pintabian is one of the newest breeds in the world. There are two registries specificaly for pintabians, the International Pinto Arabian Registry and the Pintabian Horse Registry Inc. Pintabians also qualify for pinto papers, and assuming they have one purebred arabian parent, the Arabian Horse Registry. Pintabians can be bred to other pintabians in the hopes of getting homozygous tobiano foals, but if you are in the United States or Canada you then lose your half-arabian papers, some countries do have arabian registration based on percentage though and then these foals can be registered with their arabian associations.

Sabino? Tobiano? Rabicano? I'm lost...


These are different coat patterns. These guys explain it all much better than I do, but please feel free to contact us for further clarification!

How do your payment plans work?


We tailor them to you! We set a contract length, usually around a year or less for less expensive horses, a bit more for a more expensive horse, or if multiple horses are purchased. Then we play around with what you would like to put down and what you would like your payments to be. We charge 6% interest on the loan amount with no penalty for paying off early. We even allow for one deferred payment if notice is given. We try to make it as easy on you as possible and a payment schedule will be included with your contract.

What is LFS, CA, SCID?


These are three genetic diseases in the arabian breed. They are only a concern in their homozgyous (two copies) form. Carriers are perfectly normal. However it is important to know your horse's status before breeding to insure you do not produce an affected foal, carriers can be bred safely if you have the right information and follow safe breeding practices. has a ton of information as well as links to testing and discounts. Testing is a simple hair test, easy as can be. I am happy to talk with you further if you have any questions, knowledge is the key and you have to get it somewhere! :)

What is all this EeAATnCRn business?


I post all known genetic information on our horses. These letters are the color code. I am happy to explain what it all means and to show you how to use the information to find out what colors each horse might produce, but here is a well thought out crash course on color genetics!

What are your contracts like?


Once upon a time our contracts were verbal, sealed with a handshake. Those days are gone, but what we have tried to do is make an inclusive contract to protect first and foremost, the horse and then you as the buyer and us as the seller. They can be a bit long but I do my best to make them easy to read and we like to give you plenty of time to check them out. Plese feel free to ask for a sample contract. 

Do you offer lease to own options? How about regular leases?


YES!... AND YES! Some of our sales mares might come with a lease to own option. We also do on and off farm leases! We offer paid leases and sometimes, if your stallion fits our program, might offer a foal for foal lease. Insurance must be carried on all lease or lease to own mares as well as horses under contract sales. Please contact us for more information!

Why do you require insurance on horse under payments?


To protect you! If something were to happen to your horse you would still be responsible for paying the horse off. Insurance is not very expensive and will protect everyone if something unfortunate should happen, don't let it scare you off, it is a great thing to have and at a very reasonable cost! We maintain a policy so don't fret about finding a company or doing a lot of paper work. We do our best to make life easy for you!

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